Northern Virginia FTC Qualifier

December 13th, 2014

On 13-Dec-2014, ILITE Robotics will host the FTC Northern Virginia Regional Competition. In order to create a great experience for all FTC teams we are asking that you please volunteer for this event. Most of the volunteer positions will be through the competition manager “Virginia FIRST”, and ILITE will support a concession stand.

To see all the volunteer opportunities with Virginia First, please use this link:

It is critical that we get judges for this event. Judges will judge both technical and non-technical aspects of a team. Please consider this critical role if you are a professional. To volunteer with Virginia First, please click here:

To volunteer for ILITE Jobs that include: parking, welcoming, prepare and feed ILITE students and concessions, please click here:

Getting students engaged in STEM takes a community. We appreciate you being part of this community.


Lunches may be ordered by individuals or by teams.
Once ordered, you will be taken to your payment screen.
Payments are made via Amazon Payments.
Pre-orders close Monday, December 8th.

Each Lunch Contains:

Full pizzas also available

Lunch Pickup Instructions

Sometime during the morning, please see the concession stand to confirm your lunch pre-order and payment. It would be great if you had your receipt for this validation. You will then be given your ticket/tickets to pick up your lunch.

Pre-Orders Closed